Saturday, October 6, 2012

Caddy Daddy’s Hosts All-Ages Rock Show on Halloween

Photo by Joe McGarity

If you’re looking for something to do this Halloween, the place to be is Caddy Daddy’s Tattoo and Piercing Parlor on Churn Creek Road in Redding.  Even if you’re not looking for fresh ink or new places to put jewelry, come by for the all-ages Rock ‘n Roll show.  The Fantom Penguin asked Tattoo Artist and Musician, Dan Jackson about Caddy Daddy’s.

Dan Jackson:  “It’s one of the few old-school traditional tattoo shops left around.  What we mean by that is:  You come in here; it’s going to be a good time.  We do good tattoos.  We have a real kick-back rock ‘n roll atmosphere here.  It’s not like walking into a hospital or walking into an art gallery where you come in and you feel like you don’t belong.  We just do tattoos and piercing here.  You come in; it’s kinda like having a little party, hanging out with old friends.  Throw on some tunes.  Get some pain.  Good times.”

And you can pick up a copy of the Fantom Penguin while you’re here, of course, and get $5 off your next piercing.

Dan Jackson:  “Yes, we carry coupons in the Fantom Penguin now.”

And besides that, you guys also do Rock n’ Roll shows.

Dan Jackson:  “Yeah.  We have all-ages shows here on the premises and what we mean by ‘all-ages’ is there’s got to be a place for the kids to go and have a good time.  Obviously in Redding most of the music scene is in the bars.  We play in a lot of bands, so we were tired of going to shows, playing shows and not seeing a lot of our friends there, so we decided, ‘Hey, what’s it going to take to have some shows out in the parking lot, make sure they’re all-ages?’  I wouldn’t say it’s a total free-for-all atmosphere, but we let kids be kids.  Just don’t damage the property.  Don’t do anything stupid while you’re on the premises and kinda anything goes, you know?  Nobody’s gonna make you go sit in the corner and do whatever because you’re underage.  We don’t put bracelets on you and sit you on one side and let all the people that can drink play on the other side.”

Is this because your bands have fans that are kids or because your fans have kids of their own?

Dan Jackson:  “It’s kinda both, man really.  I mean, we have a lot of fans that are still in high school and we have a lot of people – shit, my age now that have kids that are starting to become teenagers and they want to bring their kids to the show and you can’t do that at the bars for obvious reasons.”

Is it a difficult balance to strike between having a place that the kids think is cool enough to go to, but that the parents think is safe enough for the kids to be at?  Has that been difficult at all?

Dan Jackson:  “We’ve had no problem with it.  We have a couple of parents usually that call before the show and they’d like to get a low-down on what we do here.  But it’s not really that hard.  I think a lot of parents would just rather know where their kids are and what they’re doing rather than just hopping in the car and taking off.  And we’re not here to really babysit anybody.  We’re not saying that but we just provide a good show and if you’d like to come down here with your kids, get involved with what your kids are interested in, we always think that’s a good idea.”

So, tell me about this show that’s coming up on Halloween.

Dan Jackson:  “Well, as far as I know we’re going to have three totally awesome bands.  We’re going to have Private Interest, which again that’s another band with some youngsters in it.  They love playing our all-ages shows.  And then we have legendary Punk Rock band Don’t Care playing.  The owner of this shop, Chris Molgaard is the front man of that band.  And then we have Dust Casket headlining the show.  That would be my band.  And it’s Halloween, so we’re going to play some good old Misfits covers for the night and just make it a good time.  They’re supposed to have candy, costumes, prizes, you know?  Halloween Show.”
Is there an admission?

Dan Jackson:  “I’m sure there will be an admission.  We usually don’t have more than like a $3.00 admission for the shows.  We try and keep it cheap enough for the kids to afford.  So if there is an admission, plan on it being $5.00 or under.  I’m sure you’re going to get in a lot cheaper if you have a costume.”

Is there anything about the local music scene in Redding that people don’t get?

Dan Jackson:  “Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ve been in the Redding scene for a long time and the frustrating thing is there’s always a lot of kick-ass musicians out here and a lot of these kids try and try and try, but it’s really hard to keep a venue going up here that everybody can go to.  You have some bars and they’ve opened up a couple of clubs off and on over the past five years, I would say, but those places don’t stay open very long.  They usually have problems with neighboring tenants or stuff like that.  So, there’s a lot of good aspiring musicians around here, but there’s just no outlet for them.  So usually they have to move on or move out and I think that’s the hardest thing for musicians around here and if more people would show their support, get off their Xbox and come down here and see a show I think we’d have a lot more.”

And what time does the show start on Halloween?  It’s actually on the 31st, right?

Dan Jackson:  “Yes it will be on Halloween.  That will be on a Wednesday evening.  We’re probably gonna shut the shop down early and the show will kick off at about 7:00.  The reason why we’re doing that, everybody’s got little ones too.  That way you can go out there and get your candy before you get here.  And what with people trick or treating before dark?  Is that the thing now?”

I don’t have kids, man!  
(Nervous Penguin Laughter)

Dan Jackson:  “Scary.”

Anything else you want to add?

Dan Jackson:  “Beyond doing all the kick-ass band stuff, having the most rocking tattoo shop, we also have an on-site photo and video production service here called DeadEye Photo and Video which also advertises through the Fantom Penguin.  Go on the Facebook.  Check ‘em out.  Give ‘em a thumbs-up, DeadEye Photo and you can also check out a lot of the local bands and video work on the YouTube.  That’s pretty much it.”

Thank you very much.

Dan Jackson:  “No sweat, man.”

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Welcome also to DeadEye Photography and Video, a new Fantom Penguin advertiser!  They specialize in custom, edgy and macabre visual services, 3D photography and videography and can be reached at 945-1784.  DeadEye is located inside of Caddy Daddy’s Tattoo and Piercing Parlor on Churn Creek in Redding, yet another loyal Fantom Penguin advertiser and the subject of this week’s article about Rock n’ Roll.  You can never have too much Rock ‘n Roll!  Caddy Daddy’s hosts all-ages rock shows throughout the year and there’s a big one coming up for Halloween featuring local acts, Private Interest, Don’t Care and Dust Casket that you won’t want to miss.  If you feel like you need more metal than that, pick up a copy of the Fantom Penguin and clip out the $5.00 off coupon for Caddy Daddy’s and get yourself a new piercing anywhere you want!  (Almost anywhere . . .  You’ll have to talk to them about that.)

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I also can’t help but notice that the mainstream news organizations have begun to cover many of the same stories that the Fantom Penguin has covered recently.  The wonderful ladies that run the Lunch Bunch have been in the “real” news lately as have been some stories about animal rescue and the red tape that can come along with adopting a pet from “the system”.  It makes me wonder if they are getting their cues from the Fantom Penguin or perhaps we’re just on the cutting edge of what people are talking and thinking about in the Northstate.  Either way, this is the paper to pick up if you don’t want to get the same old disinformation spoon-fed to you.  I’d like to say that we are free of corporate influence, but in the spirit of complete honesty I think I should say that the Fantom Penguin contains no detectable levels of corporate influence.
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